Selecting a suitable space

Planning to relocate your office or to establish a new set up for your company? You will probably look around for suitable space, and examine various premises with a professional property agent. This can be a challenging process, as you nave to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each, determine how each meets your needs, and analyse the true costs of the alternative locations. Why not involve an interior design firm during this early stage, to help determine how much space you need, and how the specific sites meet your requirements.

Free pre-lease service

MC Interiors is a well-established interior design company specializing in design and fit-out for corporate and commercial space for a wide, range of International clients in Hong Kong. MC Interiors offers you our free pre-lease service, helping you to choose the best site possible, without any further obligation.

We measure the different spaces under consideration, and give you the actual net (carpetable) square footage (meters), which can be different from gross area quote. We also prepare preliminary layout plans to show you which building maximizes the use of space for your requirements.


Additionally, our pre-lease service provides a preliminary cost estimate for the buildings under consideration important because fit out costs can vary substantially from building to building, depending upon the specific facilities provided in the building’s standard provisions.

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